mBank has been a synonym for innovative banking solutions for years. We were the first fully Internet-based bank in Poland and today we set the direction of the mobile and on-line banking development. We are one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for 23 years now.

My role in the project as UX Lead Designer was to:

• Design new application for Windows Phone,
• Get to know windows phone guidelines for designing applications,
• Become acquainted with windows phone templates and design controls,
• Convert functionalities from mBank applications for Android and iOS to windows phone,
• Prepare new navigation structure,
• Connect visual communication with the one in the transaction system of the Bank,
• Collaborate closely with the graphic designer and the client on GUI mockups,

Used deliverables:

• Competitive audit,
• Brainstorming with the client,
• Taxonomies,
• User flows,
• High-fidelity wireframes.

From information architecture wireframes to graphic design:

Full panorama:

Proccess of making a bank transfer:

First the user chooses the recipient.

Then the channel he wants to make his transfer

(bank account or mobile phone)

Fills the form.

Confirms the data.

Receive the confirmation page.

mBank - Windows Phone application