Play is a brand name of a Polish cellular telecommunications provider with the third biggest network in the country.

My role in the project as UX Lead Designer was to:

• Brainstorm of ideas with coworkers,
• Put the ideas into scenario,
• Prepare wireframes of main sites according to the showreal scenario and information website,
• Collaborate closely with motion design team on the look and feel of the video,
• Comie up with paper sketches of specific functionalities of mobile version and website, for the motion design team,

Used deliverables:

• Functional audit of current information website,
• Brainstoriming,
• Storyboards,
• Rapid prototyping,
• Low-fidelity wireframes,
• High-fidelity wireframes.

Exemple of high-fidelity wireframe for main site:

Screenshots from the video:

Full video in english (with polish subtitles):

Play24 – showereal video for Play

Transaction portal