PKO BP is Poland's largest bank. It provides services to individual and business clients. The core business activity of PKO Bank Polski is retail banking. Because of its size and position as one of the first banks, PKO BP is still one of the best recognized and most valuable brands in Poland. Specialists from The Banker magazine estimated the value of Bank's brand at US$1 billion.

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My role in the project as UX Leader was to:

• Simplify and redesign key operations and features of the existing application across all platforms,
• Make the app more user friendly and intuitive,
• Design new functionalities added by the client to the app,
• Prepare new navigation structure that allows to reach more specific options with fewer clicks,
• Simplify filling the forms with multiplied fields,
• Show new, more ergonomic way to connect with the user on the product level,
• Connect visual communication with the one in the transaction system of the Bank,

Before and after menu:

Used deliverables:

• Competitive audit,
• Brainstorming with the client,
• Taxonomies,
• Task analysis,
• User flows,
• Low-fidelity wireframes,
• High-fidelity wireframes.

Taxonomies of the elaborated new structure of application.

Redesigned proccess of opening an account:

Look of the new application across all platforms it was design for:
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IKO – mobile application for Bank of Poland PKO BP

Transaction application